March 2021 - Sorry to disappoint you, but GiteWise is not taking on any new clients at the moment.

Now you know where you're going, here's how to get there

Whether you’re giving your existing website a makeover or starting from scratch, it’s worth taking the time to think carefully about your site’s content and architecture. Here are some of the questions that might come to mind.

What needs to go on your home page?

Do you want a single main image or a slideshow?

Which images will work best?

How many pages do you need altogether?

What’s the best page split for your site?

What page titles should you use?

What about headings and subheadings?

Is the text you’ve used on your Holiday Lettings ad right for your website?

How much local area information should you include?

Should you use a contact form?

Do you want full-width pages or pages with a sidebar?

Do you have a logo? If not, do you need one?

Do you want to include an availability calendar?

How are you going to present your price information?

How much thought do you need to give search engine optimisation?

Do you want to include a blog?

What about links to social media?

A lot to ponder and prepare, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, GiteWise has a couple of things that will help you make light work of it.

The GiteWise Website Planning Guide

This downloadable PDF is supported by a series of short videos. The guide covers:

  • Overview of what makes an effective website for a gite business
  • Essential components
  • Suggested page breakdown
  • Photography basics
  • Design considerations
  • Drafting your text
  • Making the most of your property and location
  • Practical advice and suggestions for each of your site’s pages

The GiteWise Content Organiser

This is a downloadable Word document you work with on your computer. The organiser gives you a clear visual roadmap of each section of your website-in-progress. Use this in combination with the Website Planning Guide to compile your content, page by page.

What price a totally professional website for your gite business?

I hope by now you’re starting to see what makes a GiteWise website so exceptional.

Does that mean the cost is beyond your budget? Only you can decide.

All I can say is my goal is not just to provide and exceptional website design-and-build service, but to do this at a price that delivers exceptional value for money.

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