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Moulin du Fontcourt, Charente
“Fantastic… great job… we love what you have done, thank you.”

Before I made my decision to use GiteWise, I looked at a number of web providers in England and France. I was impressed by the GiteWise advertorial in The Connexion and felt that Martin could provide what I was looking for, even though I did not have specific knowledge of what that was.

Martin has the patience of a website saint and gradually got me through the challenges that either did not fit my brain or computer system. This meant a lot of contact by email – and also by Skype – which has been extremely helpful to me as a non-IT person.

Tom Atkins

Moulin du Fontcourt

Dream Gites, Normandy
We’re very pleased indeed – the site reflects what we’re about. Our booking season has been very busy with most enquiries converting into bookings – good result.

There are so many gites to choose from, so many rental websites. Having our own great website means clients will be more confident about choosing us.

I think Martin handled the brief – and me – very well. The lines of communication were always open so I didn’t have any problems at all. Martin has made the journey of building this website an enjoyable one.

Debbie Mayhew

Dream Gites

La Ferme de la Baie, Normandy
My old site was 7 years old and tired. It didn’t port well to a mobile interface and although I had created a mobile version with Dudamobile, I didn’t think it was very elegant from a client perspective. Also it was difficult to find information about each property.

The new site is very attractive… it all works very well and it is easy for clients to see what is what. Cost was good and competitive. SEO is key to the success of any website nowadays, and that needs a professional. It frees you up to focus on your own business. If you don’t really know about graphic design, then that expertise is valuable in creating a good-looking site.

Ruth Maisey

La Ferme de la Baie

La Bucaille Gite and Campsite, Normandy
From the outset, after a telephone conversation with Martin from GiteWise to discuss what we required and what would work best for our new website, we received excellent service and support throughout.

The colour scheme and design of the new website reflects our business perfectly, we would have no hesitation in recommending the services of GiteWise to any of our friends or other gite owners.

We are so pleased with how our new site has turned out. It promotes what we have to offer in such a fresh and positive manner which our old site was lacking.

Don’t bother with a DIY site, no matter how good you think it looks doing it yourself, the professional website will always look 100% better! Fact!

Mark Marshall

La Bucaille

Haras du Gazon, Normandy
The website is a masterpiece. I have to go back and look at it again straight away it is so beautiful.
Anne Holford

Haras du Gazon

L’Ancienne Boulangerie, Pays-de-Loire
I am SO pleased with the way the site has developed… Francis is absolutely over the moon with what you’ve produced ! Words such as AMAZING, WONDERFUL, SUPERB, VERY BEAUTIFUL spring to mind (and sprang to his lips).

He said he’s sure that if we sent it to loads of acquaintances and friends they would immediately feel like going there.

Yvonne Mills

L’Ancienne Boulangerie, Pays-de-Loire

Hill Crest Gite, Normandy
I’m delighted with the all-new Hill Crest Gite website. The design is bright, easy to read and engaging. Martin made good use of the poor pictures we had and transformed them into something special!

Martin is really on the ball and knows his stuff. All-round, the service and support was excellent.

Would I recommend GiteWise? Absolutely!

Nigel Collins

Hill Crest Gite, Normandy

Les Tilleuls, Charente Maritime
I am very pleased with our new website. I feel the site looks appealing, up to date and conveys the right message.

Comments from friends and family are also very positive, they especially like the new photographs.

Martin has been very helpful and patient! His response has been quick and the process hasn’t been too painful! As a non-technical person, I have been gently guided through the project.

Lesley Sando

Les Tilleuls

Le Cadran Solaire, Charente Maritime
I’m very happy indeed with the site. We’ve have also had very good feedback from everyone we know who we have shown it to. Very neat, easy to navigate, etc.

Martin was quick to respond to all our points and, perhaps more importantly, was able to make all of the adjustments and amendments that we wanted doing. Overall, a very high level of service and support.

I think that Gitewise is an excellent service and would recommend it to anyone who needs to create a professional website for their business.

Jonathan Riley

Le Cadran Solaire

Chez Mouret, Tarn
We’re very pleased with our new site. It looks really great and we’ve had lots of positive feedback.

The service we had throughout was excellent and Martin was always very responsive to our numerous changes.

Guy Nickalls

Chez Mouret

Showjumpers Gazon, Normandy
You’ve done it again! It’s such a talent to be able to capture the essence of and  bring out the best in a place – that you haven’t ever seen. Thank you so much again for all your creative genius!
Anne Holford

Showjumpers Gazon

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