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Of course you can make your own website, but how good will it be?

March 2021 - Sorry to disappoint you, but GiteWise is not taking on any new clients at the moment.

These days, anyone can build their own website. Or ask a friend or family member to do it. You might save yourself a bit of cash, but you’ll almost certainly lose business. Why? For the same reason we all prefer a good Merlot or Bordeaux to Monsieur Tout-le-Monde’s homemade rouge. There’s a lot more to creating a website worth its pixels than putting words and pictures on the web. Let me show you what I mean.

Good design is obvious

Take a look at any of the sites in the GiteWise portfolio and you’ll notice several things right away.

  • Clean, stylish, modern design
  • Balanced page layouts
  • Clear, easy navigation
  • Easy access to key info

This doesn’t happen by chance. These are core GiteWise principles, born of careful deliberation, experience and knowhow. Combined of course with creative flair and an eye for design.

High quality images

You’ll also see images that make an instant impression. Images that are bright, colourful, well-composed and straight. Few of them look that good when I receive them. I routinely crop, straighten and resize photographs. Then I digitally enhance them, tweaking contrast, brightness and colour saturation. Want to see the difference it makes?

Fast-loading pages

Another thing you’ll notice is how fast each site loads. Not just the home page. Click through the menu and you won’t be kept waiting. That’s essential nowadays. For several reasons. How’s it done? Well, if you’ll excuse the tech speak:

  • Super fast cloud hosting
  • A leading-edge caching plugin
  • Optimised cross-platform delivery through Cloudflare
  • Accelerated web server performance via a content distribution network (CDN).

Lost you at super fast? Don’t worry, that’s all you really need to know.

Designed for all screen sizes

What are you reading this page on right now? Tablet? Smartphone? Laptop? Desktop? Whichever it is, try switching to a different device. And see if I hold true to my promise to design websites that look great and work well on all screen sizes. (If I don’t, do let me know!) Mobile internet viewing overtook desktop for the first time in mid-2015. So it’s even more important your website is designed and built with this in mind. On what web designers call a responsive design platform.

Just as important are all the things you can’t see

Of course looking good is only half the story. A well-designed website calls for equal attention to detail in the back end too. Which is why GiteWise builds your website on a rock-solid foundation of reliability, security, functionality and ease of use. More about this on the Build page.

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