Fancy having a go at building your own gite website? It can’t be that hard, can it? Especially with all these wonderful build-your-own-website-in-minutes services around.

Well, no, it’s not that hard to build a website. Anyone can do it.

But how good a website do you want? A hobby jobby? Something that gives you a warm feeling because you did it yourself? Or something a little more… shall we say, professional?

Masterpiece in the making?

Fact is, no matter how good a website you think you can build yourself, a professional website designer can build you a better one.

Mind you, as with choosing your tradesmen, you’d be well advised to tread carefully. Not every website designer has the same standards.

Take this example I stumbled across earlier this summer.

typo snippet

Hmm… And this was on a site that claimed ‘manic attention to detail on every single page’.

OK, so not every web designer is a spelling whizz. But it’s sloppiness like this that gives gite owners every reason to believe they can, and maybe should, do it themselves.

Then again, typos are the tip of the iceberg. And whereas you can spot a spelling mistake if you’re sharp enough, more serious slip-ups may go unnoticed.

Worse, they could lose you business.

How you lay out your pages and help people navigate your site, which photos you include, which you leave out and how you present those photos, how you use words, what you say and how you say it…

Everything that goes into planning a website and creating the content has a part to play.

Get it right and your site will look the part and bring you business that might otherwise go elsewhere.

Get it wrong and not only will your site look and feel less appealing, so will your gite.

Let GiteWise lead the way

The GiteWise approach to designing and building a gite website puts professional web design in the hands of every gite owner.

Put simply, you supply the content, GiteWise turns it into something special.

Find out more about the GiteWise gite website design and build package

To see examples other gite websites GiteWise has created, check out the portfolio page.

Oh, and if you love what’s in the portfolio but reckon on doing it yourself anyway, good luck.

Like most things, it’s harder than it looks.

A totally professional website for your gite business

For less than you charge for a week's rental

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