Web designers come and web designers go. And you’re the one left holding the pages you can’t update. It’s a common problem. At least it used to be in the days when web design was more about html, so you had to go through your designer to make changes to your content.

These days, you can expect to make those updates yourself. How easy that is will depend on who designs and builds your site and what kind guidance and support you get. GiteWise takes you by the hand right from the start.

The easy road

I explain clearly and in easy-to-understand language what I need from you so I can design and build your website. I save the techtalk for when I need to liaise with service providers. I help you with any technical queries, but I won’t overwhelm you with jargon or too much information about things you don’t need to know.

When I hand over your shiny new gite website, I point you to a growing collection of video tutorials I’ve created to help you get to know your way around. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to edit your text, update price details, add a new photograph or change any other part of your website.

“As a non-technical person, I have been gently guided through the project.”

Lesley Sando, Les Tilleuls

From updates to backups

You’ll also know, should disaster strike and you accidentally drop a spanner in the works or delete something you didn’t mean to delete, help is at hand. I create a full backup of your site from day one, and schedule regular backups for as long GiteWise continues to host your site (the first 12 months are included in all GiteWise gite website packages).

Of course, having the means to update your content yourself is only one reason for choosing GiteWise to design and build your new gite website. Browse through the site and you’ll find plenty more. You’ll find examples of finished websites on the Portfolio page. And feedback from satisfied customers on the Testimonials page.

I look forward to oiling the wheels of your business.

Featured photo: Veteran steamroller in public park, near Nevers, Bourgogne – Martin Brackstone


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