You’re looking for someone to design and build a website for your gite. Your online search has unearthed no end of willing web designers and now you need to make a decision.

But how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? May I suggest you look to your local boulangerie for guidance?

Why? Well, just about everyone we know who lives in France has a favourite place to go for their daily pain de campagne. I’ve heard it so many times:

“Don’t go to the baker on the corner, their croissants are terrible. The best boulangerie is further down the street opposite the tabac. And don’t even think about buying your bread from the supermarket.”

Of course, it’s all down to personal preference. But anyone with an nose for quality invariably finds it. Which is why choosing a gite website design service isn’t so different from choosing where to buy a loaf.

There are good choices and not-so-good choices.

There are gite web designers who know how to press the right buttons and there are artisans.

Feast your eyes, check the feedback.

You’re not the first gite owner to need a website. Nor the first gite owner to stumble upon GiteWise and realise you’re onto something.

So why not check out the opinions of a few people who’ve already sampled the goods? You’ll find plenty to whet your appetite on the testimonials page.

Next, cast your eyes over the GiteWise portfolio.

Here, you’ll find a selection of tastefully designed gite websites, every one individually styled, all with an unmistakeable air of quality, clarity and ease of navigation.

Craftsmanship like that doesn’t come about by chance. It takes practice, experience, instinct and a knack for blending the right ingredients to perfection.

What you don’t see.

As always, it’s what goes into the preparation that truly brings out the best in the end product.

Which is why a key ingredient in the GiteWise gite website design and build package is a comprehensive, step-by-step Website Planning Guide.

This tool, together with the GiteWise Content Organiser will help you assemble the core elements, sift out the non-essentials and focus on what influences the marketplace.

In short, you’ll get all the help you need to make the most of your property and location.

Not that you’ll be doing all the work. Far from it.

GiteWise’s own ‘master baker’ will be slaving over a hot computer screen, working wonders with your text and images and ready to answer any questions along the way.

And once your website comes ‘out of the oven’, you’ll be in no doubt you made the right call. 

Find out more about the GiteWise custom-built seven-page gite website package.

A totally professional website for your gite business

For less than you charge for a week's rental

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