Demo site

A working demo of how your new website could look

Every website GiteWise creates is different, just as every gite has its own distinctive character and location.

That said, the key components are usually quite similar. The individuality comes from your choice of words and images, along with your style preferences or suggestions.

The other key ingredient is how GiteWise interprets your brief and the content you provide. I’ll invariably find some kind of creative spark in the way you describe your property in our initial briefing and the photographs of your property.

But everything has to start somewhere. To that end, I’ve created a special demo site, complete with the seven core pages that make up the GiteWise website design and build package.

The GiteWise Website Planning Guide and Content Organiser make reference to this demo site as it will be the starting point for your site’s development.

Take a closer look at how your new site comes together

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