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Your questions answered

How long will it take to design and build my site?
A lot depends on you. Once you give GiteWise the green light, you’ll receive more detailed instructions on how to compile and submit your content. It’s then down to you how swiftly you turn this around.

Typically, we’re looking at going live with your new site within a few weeks. But the sooner you can get final text and images to me, the sooner the site will be completed.

I don't have a website. Can you help me start from scratch?
Of course. In fact, GiteWise is especially well-equipped to help you turn that blank canvas into a website you’ll be proud of. Several GiteWise clients had no existing website when they first got in touch.

You’ll find the Website Planning Guide will give you plenty to get the ball rolling. And the Content Organiser will lighten the load of drafting your text and gathering your photographs.

Can you grab the content from my current site and give it the GiteWise treatment?
I could, but you’d be missing out on an important part of the process.

First, by working through the planning of your new site with the help of the GiteWise Website Planning Guide, you’ll have the chance to see things with a fresh eye.

Second, although everyone has their own ideas about how to plan and present the essential information, sometimes it’s good to consider alternatives.

Third, if your existing site is in need of replacement, it’s likely the text could do with a tweak or two, and you’ve almost certainly got some more recent pictures you could include.

Finally, unless all the images on your site are a good size (at least 795px wide) you’ll be compromising the picture quality. I can work some digital magic, but only if the original images are big enough.

I know just how I want my site to look. If I describe it, can you design it?
I’ll do my best. If you have a particular style in mind or if you’ve seen another gite website that you’d like to use as a starting point, just let me know.

Likewise, if you have any preference for colour scheme, typeface or whether you prefer clean plain backgrounds or full-screen images, just say the word.

Also, do have a closer look at the GiteWise Client Portfolio and the GiteWise demo site.

I have no idea how I want my site to look. Can I leave it to you?
You certainly can. In fact, most GiteWise clients do. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands: if you like what you’ve seen so far, especially on the GiteWise Client Portfolio page, you’re sure to be delighted with your own site.

If you haven’t already checked it out, do have a look at the GiteWise demo site. This gives you a better idea of how all of the key pages of your new website come together. We’ll use this as a starting point for the planning and development for your site.

How do I get my text to you?
You either send your text to me by email as an attached Word or text document. Or upload the document to Dropbox. You can supply a page at a time or the entire site content. It’s up to you. You don’t need to worry too much about formatting as I will copy and paste your text into a new master document as your project develops. And it’s this I will use for the website.
How do I get my images to you?
I use Dropbox as a quick and easy way to transfer image files between your computer and mine. Dropbox is free. If you don’t yet have an account, I’ll send you an email invitation once I start working with you. If you do already have a Dropbox account, simply upload your files and share them with martin@gitewise.com.
What size and format do my photos need to be?
I prefer to work with the original jpg. image files if you have them. If not, then the bigger, the better. This will allow me to straighten, crop and scale as needed.

On the whole, photographs in a landscape format are more usable than those in a portrait format, but feel free to include portrait pics as well, as these can still be included.

I optimise and compress all images for the web. This means I use them at a resolution of 72px/in. If your photographs have a higher resolution than this, you don’t need to change them as I’ll take care of this.

My photos are all different sizes. Is that a problem?
No. Today’s digital cameras have made short shrift of the classic 6×4 and 35mm ratios. It does make things more complicated as we’ll often want to present images with consistent dimensions. But on the plus side, it’s easy to crop and scale.

I suggest you simply send your images at whatever size they are. Don’t worry about doing your own cropping as I may have to crop them again. I won’t know what size and aspect ratio they’ll be on your site until I have the entire page content to work with.

How long is a page?
Nowadays, some websites are all on one extra-long scrollable page. So to talk only in terms of pages is open to misinterpetation.

GiteWise works on the basis your site will have at least the seven pages described in the design and build package. You can think of these as individual pages or as the seven key components of your site.

I don’t limit how much text or how many images you include on each page, but there comes a point where I may need to charge an additional page fee. We can review this once your site is in development.

On the other hand, if you want to add a simple page with minimal content, GiteWise will usually include this at no extra charge.

I have more than one property. Do I need an extra page?
If your website promotes more than one property or more than one type of accommodation, you will usually need to allow one extra page or key section for each.

This is because of the extra work involved: as well as the additional text and images, each additional property will have its own price table and (optional) availability calendar.

From an SEO point of view, it may actually be to your advantage to have separate pages, as you can focus your meta data on the individual accommodation.

I also offer B&B / chambres d'hôtes. Do I need an extra page?
If your website promotes more than one type of accommodation or more than one property, you will usually need to allow one extra page or key section for each.

This is because of the extra work involved: as well as the additional text and images, each additional accommodation type will have its own price table and (optional) availability calendar.

From an SEO point of view, it may actually be to your advantage to have separate pages, as you can focus your meta data on the individual accommodation.

If I don't have a separate Contact page, can I have a reduction?
I’m afraid not. The GiteWise website-design-and-build is a package price. This includes a contact channel, whether or not you choose to have a dedicated page and take advantage of the integrated contact form.

I recognise not everyone wants to approach things the same way, so I’m flexible in how I design the site for you. If you don’t have a contact page, you might, for example, want to place your contact details in the footer or in a notification bar right at the top of your site. So, although it saves me a little work by not having a separate contact page, this usually evens out in some other way.

Will I need a new email address?
I recommend you use an email address that includes your domain, such as enquiry@gitewise.com. I will set this up for you at no extra charge and help you set up your computer to send and receive messages using this email address. More info here.

If you’re buying a new domain, the registrar will usually offer an email address as an optional extra and charge you an annual fee. You do not need this. GiteWise will provide your email address and host the inbox for you as part of the design and build package.

I don't have a domain. Can you help me buy one?
Yes, of course. GiteWise recommends buying your domain through GoDaddy as this makes managing your domain’s nameservers easier for us both.

Usually, you can expect to pay around £10 a year for your domain name, but you can often get a discount, especially if you’re a new customer.

You can check to see if the name you want is available here. I recommend you choose a .com if you can, preferably without hyphens between words. If you need any help at all, just ask.

I already have a domain. What do I need to do?
Nothing at the moment as I build your new site on a temporary domain. When the time comes for transfer to your own domain, we’ll need to change your nameservers. This means you’ll either need to provide me with your login details or change the settings yourself.
Do I need to transfer my domain name to a different registrar?
No. GiteWise uses GoDaddy, but you can use whoever you like. That said, if you also use GoDaddy, it makes things simpler.

Your domain’s nameservers will need to be changed when your new site is ready to go live. GoDaddy accounts have a secure ‘grant access’ feature which limits access to the admin area, keeping all other information and passwords safe.

If you prefer to stick with your current registrar, that’s fine. But you’ll need to provide me with your login details or change the nameservers yourself when your site is ready for transfer to your domain.

What happens to my current site while we work on the new one?
Your current site remains live right up until your new site is finished and ready for transfer. GiteWise builds your new site on a temporary domain hidden from public view.
I already have a hosting plan. Can I use that for my new site and get a price reduction?
You’re welcome to use whichever hosting provider you choose. But please note the GiteWise price is the same whether you take up the offer of 12 months hosting or not. This means, you gain from switching to GiteWise hosting, even if you have to forfeit several months of hosting with your current provider.
Can I use my own hosting provider?
Yes, but there are a few things to bear mind.

1. The user interface and site setup procedure are different from one hosting company to another. Usually this is no problem, but it can mean a slight delay in your new site going live.

2. The backup and management tools your hosting provider offers may not match those available through GiteWise hosting.

3. The server speed, security and reliability of your hosting may not match those of GiteWise hosting.

4. The level and scope of technical support GiteWise can give will almost certainly be compromised.

5. GiteWise hosting is included in the website design and build package, so you won’t save yourself any money by using your own hosting account.

Is the quoted price all I need to pay or are there any extras?
For the quoted price, you’ll have a complete, fully functioning website, hosted for 12 months. The only ‘extra’ you need is your own domain name (around £10 a year).

GiteWise offers a range of add-on services at additional cost if you want to take your site’s online presence further. These include foreign-language setup, additional SEO and copywriting.

What happens 12 months from now?
Your GiteWise Hosting and Client Support will come up for renewal. In fact, this will be around 13 months from now, not 12, as your development site is hosted free for up to one month. For full details, see the Website Hosting section on the Terms of Business page.

Visit this page for GiteWise Hosting and Support renewal fees.

If you choose not to renew your GiteWise hosting and client support:

1 – Your site will continue to look and work as it always has, but you will forfeit GiteWise client benefits. This means you will no longer qualify to receive automatic theme updates through GiteWise’s developer’s license with the theme provider. Although not essential, it is considered good practice to keep any WordPress theme updated to take full advantage of software developments, bug fixes and security enhancements. If you wish to have continued access to theme updates, you can of course purchase a personal license direct from the theme provider.
2 – You will also need to make arrangements to transfer your site to another hosting provider. This may or may not incur a transfer fee depending on the hosting company you choose and how you manage the transfer. As long as I can readily deploy your site’s files to your new server, I’m happy to do this for you. Alternatively, I can provide an archived zip of your website in the format you specify.

Disclosure: If  you buy your theme licence via the preceding link, GiteWise will receive an affiliate commission.

How do I edit or update my site?
Your site will be built in WordPress. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, rest assured it won’t take you long to learn the basics. To guide you through the things you need to know, Gitewise has a number of dedicated tutorials. There are also plenty of excellent independent resources online.

You can check out the GiteWise help pages here.

Who is GiteWise?
GiteWise is a specialist website design and marketing service for gite owners run by Martin Brackstone. You can read more about Martin on his general marketing website The Tin Piano.
Where can I find your terms of business?
GiteWise terms of business are here.
I'm interested. Can we have a chat?
I’d be happy to call you by phone or Skype. Please use the form on the Contact page to send me your contact details and we’ll take it from there.

Want to take things further?

Please fill in the form on the Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

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