Few things in life are easy first time out. So if you’ve set yourself a mission to update your gite website and you’re venturing beyond the frontiers of your experience, here’s a piece of essential equipment.

The Gite Owner’s Guide to Planning and Building a Website is a free series of short videos full of practical advice to help you transform your current website or start from scratch.

In this step-by-step guide, I describe in detail the same process I use when I working with GiteWise clients. I share with you the seven pages I consider key to promoting your property. And the secret to creating a home page that hooks people’s interest.

I explain my approach to planning your site, drafting your text and selecting your images. I give you tips and advice on how to make the most of your holiday rental property and location.

I introduce you to the website design platform I use for all GiteWise client websites. I highlight some of the design principles that underpin my approach in today’s fast-moving online world. And I offer my suggestions for how you can gain important insights into good and bad practice by looking at other gite websites with a critical eye.

Isn’t all this information too valuable to give away?

Well, GiteWise is on a mission too. With the technology, tools and tutorials we all have access to thanks to the internet, I see The Gite Owner’s Guide to Planning and Building a Website as a natural extension of the GiteWise website design and build service.

If you’ve been thinking about updating your website or you’re planning to create one for the first time, the least I can do is help you on your way. My video series will give you plenty to think about and plenty you can put to practical use if you do decide to go ahead and create your site yourself.

I say ‘if’ because there’s a lot more to putting together a totally professional website than most people realise. So the guide is the perfect way for you to see what’s involved before you get stuck in. You wouldn’t want to find yourself halfway to the Moon and have second thoughts now, would you?

How do you get hold of The Gite Owner’s Guide to Planning and Building a Website?

You can sign up for the guide here.

There are four parts in all, with a total running time of around 38 minutes. You’ll receive the links to the videos one at a time over a few days. With so much to take in, I thought it best not to overload you.

The guide is completely free and you’re welcome to use my suggestions and guidance as you choose. I have just one small request, which is you let me know if you found the guide useful.

Until then, this is Ground Control signing off.

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