Gite web design and marketing is all we do at GiteWise. But then GiteWise was set up specifically to provide a high-quality, professional website design and build service for gite businesses.

I say it’s all ‘we’ do, but most of the time that ‘we’ is ‘me’, Martin Brackstone. I run The Tin Piano web copywriting and online marketing service, and yes, The Tin Piano is mostly ‘me’ rather than ‘we’ too.

That said, I call on the skills and helping hands of others when I need to. But overall, I like to keep a close eye on every stage of every project.

Gite web marketing specialist

Is GiteWise the only gite website design and marketing specialist? No, not exactly, but I like to think it’s one of a kind.

If you’re doing a bit of research on gite website design companies and freelancers, you’ve no doubt come across a few other web designers advertising their services. Not that I’m a ‘designer’ by profession so much as by graduation.

My background is creative copywriting, which I feel helps me bring a more integrated approach to your gite website design and promotion. Marketing your gite is not that different from marketing anything else.

Some things are the same for the gite holiday rental market as for any market. Other things are unique to gite rentals, idiosyncratic even. I’ll be exploring these in more detail in future articles.

Make the most of your gite

The overall goal is clear enough. You have a gite – or maybe two or three or more gites – which you need to promote. The very least you need is a website that makes the most of what you have to offer and where you are.

Website design is only part of how GiteWise helps you achieve this. My experience in writing advertisements and brochures for everything from tourist attractions to luxury homes has given me a useful perspective on gite marketing.

You might even say it makes GiteWise quite different from any other gite website design service.

You want your gite to stand out from the crowd? Come on in.  


Featured image: Buddha statue, Jardin des Martels, Giroussens, Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées – Martin Brackstone

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