Welders, vets, opticians, tree surgeons, plumbers… all will tell you there’s more to their work than meets the eye. And if you’ve ever tried to plumb your own salle de bain, you’ll know first-hand you need to know your traps from your elbows.

Who am I to tell you it’s the same with building a website for your gite? How can it be so difficult when there are so many services on the internet that let you design a ‘professional-looking’ website?

Well, ask yourself what would happen if you called in someone who’d never done a day’s plumbing in his life and asked him to fit out your bathroom. “Here are all the tools you need. All the materials are over there. Oh and there’s a how-to manual in the corner.”

The same but different

But isn’t that exactly what you do when you decide to take the design and build of your gite website into your own hands?

Oh sure, there are plenty of reasons for doing-it-yourself, whether you’re building a website or building a garden wall. Money is the usual one. “I’ll save myself a few hundred quid.”

You will indeed. Just as you would if you did your own plumbing. But what you get in return will almost certainly cost you far more than you save. It’s the difference between someone buying your product or passing you by. Yes, you’ll get bookings from a DIY website, but how many more could you get?

Look at how you make a decision yourself about which service provider to use. Without a personal recommendation, what guides you?

Facts, yes. Detail, yes. Professionalism, most likely. Presentation, more than you realise.

But above all, your view will come from one place. Your emotions. About how you feel when you compare one choice with another.

Pick a gite

It’s the same with choosing a gite holiday. People look for reassurance their decision is the right one. It’s not simply about your property and location. It’s about feeling confident the investment they’re making will give them what they want.

Of course, it’s down to you whether you deliver on the promise, but what’s important is that the promise is clear, accurate and appealing.

More important still is that you don’t send out the wrong messages. People pick up the tiniest of clues, the merest warning sign that this gite owner doesn’t pay as much attention to detail as that gite owner.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say people think – “Oh, a clunky homemade website, I’m not going on holiday there.” But it’s worth asking yourself why you might compromise on how you market your gite rental business, whereas you insist on an artisan carpenter or stonemason.

The bottom line is this. Anyone can create a website. But we can’t all do what other people do for a living and expect the same results.

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