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Why it pays to set your domain to auto-renew

I had an email yesterday from a client who called himself an idiot.He'd ignored the reminders from his domain registrar to renew one of his domain names, forgetting it was home to a live website. If you've ever had this happen, you'll know what comes next.Hassle and...

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Translation setup costs

The cost for setting up your site in another language as well as English is £50 for the initial setup plus £10 per page per language.So, ask if you have a seven-page site in English and French, the extra cost will be £50 + £70 = £120.A seven-page site in English,...

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Is your gite website going rusty?

Web designers come and web designers go. And you're the one left holding the pages you can't update. It's a common problem. At least it used to be in the days when web design was more about html, so you had to go through your designer to make changes to your content....

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